Al isra nkomazi foundation (npo)بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
All Praise is due to allah the most kind the. Most mercficul

AL isra nkomazi foundation was founded by the youth of nkomazi on the 23/02/14 to uplift the Deen in our area nkomazi consists of more than 50 locations
The bongane community was blessed with its first masjid in the year 2017 through the hardwork of Al isra inkomazi foundation

Through AL isra nkomzi foundation
Allhamdulliah masjid ul Khair is in the community of bongane has more than 50 students coming to learn the Deen of Allah and a number of Muslims is increasing
We uplift the Deen of Allah

AL isra nkomzi foundation is not only focusing in one community but in the whole of inkomazi
Allhamdulliah through the difficulties we are facing but still we having more students coming to the Deen of Allah

Some of the ongoing and daily activities

. 5 daily salaaahs
. Makhtab Madressah classes
. Ladies classes
. Street dawah
. Adult classes

Our aim and objectives as the AL isra nkomzi foundation
Is to uplift the the Deen of Allah through seeking guidence from those whom have been favoured with the right tools to lead the community and learn from them aswell to take the responsibility ourselves without compromising the teaching of our beautiful Deen inshallah ameen

Our Staff Members

Qari, Omar Sithole

Name: Omar Germiston Surname:Sithole Born:driekopies malelane Town In the province of Mpumalanga Qualifications: Aalim faadhil at Jaamiah al-Uloom al-Islamiyah of JAAMIAT ULAAMA SOUTH AFRICA Also did qira’aat ashraa at JAAMIAT...

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