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Allah’s boundaries.

  • I trust u are all well and having fun!
  • Islam and fun? You many raise your eyebrows
  • Allah’s boundaries are there to protect people from what their creator knows will hurt them and harm them and ruin their experiences of life for them on this earth .
  • Allah’s boundaries Taking a close look at it all is a part of the unfolding of Allah’s Rahmaat and love and mercy for his creation on this earth.
  • And its such a blessing from the Almighty Allah that he defines his boundaries’ clearly and fairly and that he openly warns humans beings about them.

Allah says in the Qur’an :

Tilka hudoodullahi fa laa taqraabooha

Those are Allah’s boundaries don’t go near them….!

  • So Allah created his boundaries (hudoodullah)
  • Out of his immense and abiding concern for your well being and not because he wanted to protect something that belonged to him or to take away all the fun from your life
  • Its about building a better world……

Some boundaries that we shouldn’t cross

  • We have simple boundaries that we should stick to and our life’s are simple.
  • adeenu yusra
  • Our Deen is simple
  • The five pillars of Islam are five basic rules in Islam that all Muslims should follow
  • Than we have the 6 main beliefs that a Muslim should follow at all times
  • ON the authority of Abdullah ibn a bass (r a). Who said.. One day I was riding behind the prophet on the same animal and he said to me oh young man I shall tell you some words of advice stick to the boundaries of Allah and Allah will preserve you……. At tirmidhi
  • By upholding what Allah wants us to uphold
  • Through praying, reciting the Qur’an, holding onto family ties, and so on and staying away from what Allah has commanded us to stay away from, we all know what haram is either due to our knowledge or our natural thinking, we will be preserving the boundaries of Allah
  • For example Allah will reward you in this world ad the hereafter. As for the Duniya Allah will provide you with wealth, offspring, health, life, and a strong body.Allah says in the Qur’an :Know that Allah stands between a person and his heart.
    • When you get to know Allah, Allah gets to know you
    • When you remember Allah, Allah will remember you.
    • Remember Allah at times of ease and Allah will be with you and save you in times of difficulty

To protect Allah’s boundaries and hence be protected ourselves, we need to remember Allah always ❤

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